More Movies

Thinking of all the great movies I’ve seen lately: Mustang, Boy And The World, Jim: The James Foley Story, Meru, City Of Gold, Pina, The Little Prince, The Wrong Move, Alice In The Cities, Disturbing The Peace, Neon Bull, No Burqas Behind Bars, and Creative Control. So much terrific work. Particularly blown away by Mustang and Neon Bull, amazing new voices, and No Burqas Behind Bars, which is an absolutely startling document and exemplifies everything that’s vital about documentary film. Pina makes the best use of 3D I’ve ever seen, and Pina Bausch’s choreography and stage pictures are so vital and brilliant. And as for Win Wenders’s 70s road pictures, I want to live in them.

A Lot Of Movies

Running over in my head the many movies I’ve seen recently: Heart Of A Dog, What’s Motivating Hayes, Brooklyn, The Big Short, Room, Joy, Carol, Anomalisa, Beasts Of No Nation, Where To Invade Next, Mistress America, The End Of The Tour, The Martian, The Double, Bridge Of Spies, The Revenant, Swamp Tigers, A Ballerina’s Tale, In The Heart Of The Sea, Trumbo, Truth, Spotlight, The Force Awakens, The Iron Giant, Another Telepathic Thing, etc. etc.  Clearly I have a movie problem. 🙂